Occupational health focuses on the relationship between health and work. It’s a two-way relationship:

  • A worker’s health will affect their ability to work or the type of work they can do
  • The work itself may have the potential to affect a worker’s health

With enormous amounts of money and working days lost to ill health, there is a compelling business case for occupational health services in the workplace. In 2004, a study concluded that every £1 spent on investment in workplace health promotion brings on average a cost saving of £10.

Ill health among employees is a massive problem for business. A recent Government study calculated that over 170 million working days and £100bn are lost each year to sickness absence.

It’s not just the damage to profits that needs consideration. There are legal obligations to it’s employees that a company has to meet, no matter how large or small that company is, such as the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) and The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1999).

Every company needs to ensure they are not breaking any occupational health laws. If you are unsure please get in touch and we’ll be delighted to advise you on your legal obligations.