Hi everyone. With Autumn kicking in I’ve finally managed to find some time to put another quick newsletter together, and I have some significant news to share!

There’s been a lot of discussions (and work) going on behind the scenes for the past few months between ourselves and Dräger, one of the industry leaders in substance misuse testing equipment. As you may know, Dräger supply drug and alcohol testing systems to police forces around the world (hopefully you didn’t find this out the hard way by the side of a road…), businesses and many more organisations and increasingly they’ve been asked by their customers to help them with issues around drug and alcohol policies, ensuring that legislation has been followed, what if scenarios and the like.

As a result, we got together with Dräger and created a module-based training programme that their customers could attend and gain all the expertise needed to successfully run a substance misuse programme. Covering the law, policy writing, substance types, signs of misuse, testing methods, staff engagement and much more, there’s almost six days of comprehensive training available in modules lasting from half a day to two days.

Customers can pick and choose which modules they want training in, or attend a one day introductory course giving the main points from the other five modules. They get detailed training on exactly what they need, rather than a generic one-size-fits-all course.

Our training includes hands-on use of Dräger testing products and some engaging demonstrations and practicals, including fake drugs and paraphernalia (have a look at the images at the bottom of this page) and the infamous Vision Impairment System – where you can find out what it’s like to perform a basic task when you have had a few too many!

With our training programme in place, we’re extremely proud to announce we’re now a Dräger approved training partner. We’re delighted that it’s given us the opportunity to work with a globally significant company like Dräger, and to expand our training offering to both Dräger customers and our own.

As part of our partnership we can now also supply Dräger drug testing and alcohol testing equipment, including the excellent DrugTest 5000, as well as all the necessary consumables needed. We think we can beat any price out there, so please give us a call if you’re looking into buying testing equipment.

We expect that this training programme is going to be a massive success across the UK, but of course our existing clients are very welcome to jump onboard and get first-class substance misuse training too. We look forward to seeing you all.