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So we know the Coke can and car keys are not real. But why are they a possible sign of a drug problem?

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Without specialist training, most people would have no idea how to spot advanced signs of drug or alcohol misuse in the workplace. And yet the potential consequences of misuse – injury, death, legal action – could be catastrophic to a business.

All businesses need to consider drug and alcohol testing and yet it is often overlooked, despite the dangers and the legal obligations a company has to it’s employees and the public.

Even in a safety-critical sector like construction, a 2016 survey found that 2 out of every 3 workers had never been tested for drugs and alcohol at work.
More worryingly, 1 out of every 3 construction workers had seen a work colleague under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Drug and alcohol misuse is a complex and widespread problem for businesses to deal with. Legal obligations, lack of awareness, fear of opening “Pandora’s Box”, threats to staff relations, poor or non-existent training, ignorance of employee support methods: just some of the many factors stopping companies from running an effective drugs and alcohol programme.

But, a drug- and alcohol-free workplace is a safer workplace – and every employee has a right to be safe at work


At Black and Banton, we can guide you through the whole process of operating a successful misuse programme. Our help includes:

  • providing testing services for companies that don’t want to do it in-house
  • supplying the right equipment, from breathalysers to automatic drug analysis machines
  • training in how and when to use equipment, what signs to look for, what to do when someone fails a test, how to write a drugs and alcohol policy, engaging your staff in the programme and much more.

Don’t find out the hard way what the consequences could be.

For more information, please visit our drugs and alcohol section.


Do you need drugs and alcohol training?

As a Dräger approved training partner you can be sure our modules will give you all the knowledge and skills you need to operate a successful and legally watertight substance misuse programme.

We can provide modular or bespoke training designed for your company, testing equipment and workforce and deliver it anywhere in Europe.

Informative and interactive guidance covers staff engagement and support, Designated Substance Tester training, policy (reasons, legislation, staff communication and consultation, writing, wording, trigger limits and key terms, implementation and enforcement, monitoring and review), drug and drug paraphernalia discovery and handling.

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Course Modules

Module 1 Introductory Module 2 Drug and Alcohol Awareness Module 3 Staff Engagement and Support Module 4 DST (Tester) Training Module 5 Policy Module 6 Drug and Paraphernalia Handling
Dräger Approved Training Partner