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Black and Banton, members of the European Workplace Drug Testing Society (EWDTS)have partnered with global experts Dräger to provide you with first class testing equipment and first class training, ensuring you have everything needed to operate a successful susbstance misuse programme.

With so many legal, commercial, moral and procedural factors to get to grips with, it’s no surprise that many companies are concerned about implementing a drugs and alcohol policy or whether their existing one offers enough protection to the company and it’s employees.

Dräger are a world leader in substance misuse screening with many hundreds of Police Forces across the world using their equipment. For over 60 years, Dräger’s alcohol and drug screening devices have helped police identify law breakers, defuse confrontations and bring watertight evidence to court. Working on a non-invasive basis, Dräger devices and diagnostics equipment is very hygienic, easy to use and always ready to deploy, and their stringent quality controls ensure screening equipment delivers reliable and trustworthy results.

As a Dräger approved training partner, Black and Banton back this up with drugs and alcohol training – up to six days of informative guidance covering staff engagement and support, Designated Employee Representative training, policy (reasons, legislation, staff communication and consultation, writing, wording, trigger limits and key terms, implementation and enforcement, monitoring and review), drug and drug paraphernalia discovery and handling.

All of our training is in distinct modules, allowing you to choose what is relevant for your business. We also offer a one day introductory course giving an overview of the key parts of a substance misuse programmes, giving you valuable core knowledge and helping identify where further training may be needed.

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