As a Dräger approved training partner you can be sure our modules will give you all the knowledge and skills you need to operate a successful and legally watertight substance misuse programme.

More details of the main course content and duration can be found below. We can provide bespoke training designed for your company, testing equipment and workforce and deliver it anywhere in Europe.

Module 1 – Introductory

One day module giving a high-level overview of key components:

  • Equipment
  • Policy
  • Legislation
  • Test planning and procedures
  • Handling results
  • Gives valuable core knowledge and indicators as to where greater knowledge may be needed

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Module 2 – Drug and Alcohol Awareness

One day module suitable for all company staff levels, covering:

  • Reasons for misuse and user profiles
  • Types of drugs
  • The law on drugs and alcohol
  • Physical, psychological, social and vocational effects of misuse
  • Identifying indicators of misuse

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Module 3 – Staff Engagement and Support

Half day module covering methods of involving staff throughout a substance misuse programme and supporting affected employees:

  • Engagement methods and timelines
  • Health promotion campaigns
  • Literature and information dissemination
  • EAPs
  • Support programmes and mechanisms

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Module 4 – DST (tester) training

One day module detailing methods and procedures needed by all appointed DSTs (Designated Substance Tester) such as:

  • Policy interpretation and implementation
  • Legislation and potential company offences
  • Test mediums and applications
  • Collection procedures and Chain of Custody
  • Equipment training (if required)

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Module 5 – Policy

Two day module covering all aspects of creating and implementing a robust policy including:

  • Reasons for a policy
  • Legislation
  • Staff communication and consultation
  • Policy writing, wording, trigger limits and key terms
  • Implementation and enforcement
  • Monitoring and policy review

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Module 6 – drug and paraphernalia handling

Half day module covering what to do on discovery of possible drugs or drug-taking equipment, including:

  • Recognising drugs and drug-taking equipment
  • Safety and appropriate actions upon discovery
  • Health risks associated with drugs or drug-taking equipment
  • Handling and disposing of suspected drugs or drug-taking equipment
  • Current drug user trends and behaviour patterns
  • Procedures for reporting discoveries

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