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Our philosophy

“My philosophy towards our clients is clear: we provide the best health services we can, tailored exactly to what the client needs, at an affordable price and when they need the service most.

We endeavour never to over-egg the pudding. If a client has a clear set of needs we won’t overcomplicate our service with unnecessary extras. Our staff are even encouraged to advise clients when they don’t need a service they ask for – it shows an honesty on our part and builds a lasting trust with our clients, who know we’ll only recommend something that has real value to them.

I’m very proud of how flexible and responsive Black and Banton is. We always strive to help our clients no matter how difficult the timescales, distances or complexities can be. Believe me, we’ve been given some challenging requirements in the past, but we’ve always done our best to achieve what’s asked of us. It’s a virtue that our clients have really come to value.

I started Black and Banton in 2001 with the goal of creating the type of high quality, responsive and efficient occupational and physical health company that both businesses and the general public would turn to first. It’s a goal myself and my staff keep in the forefront of our minds every day.”

David Black, Managing Director